Recognizing Responsible Employers.

Get the QCARE Designation for Your Texas Injury Benefit Program.

Texas Employers & QCARE

The QCARE designation offers to employers:

  • Reputation Management by bringing clarity and credibility to your Texas injury benefit program. You are not simply “opting out”.
  • Sustaining a Healthy, Competitive Marketplace with employer choice among insurance companies and service providers.
  • Enhanced Defense of Negligence Liability Claims and Regulatory Investigations through compliance with industry-set standards.
  • Protect & Promote Texas Injury Benefit Programs without adding more state or federal government regulation or taxpayer expense.
QCARE Certificate

What Does QCARE Achieve?

QCARE (Qualified Compensation Alternative for Recovering Employees) is a simple, no-cost, online designation to recognize employers with a responsible Texas injury benefit program that satisfies high industry standards.

Join thousands of responsible employers across Texas.