Transparency of Texas Injury Benefit Programs

ARAWC is promoting transparency and accuracy in many ways. For example, ARAWC’s six-part “Innovation Series” demonstrates how Texas injury benefit programs:

  1. Promote employee advocacy,
  2. Achieve more active engagement of injured workers, employers and medical
  3. Deliver better medical outcomes for injured Texas workers,
  4. Pay improved benefits, and
  5. Reduce employer costs.

For the first time, ARAWC demonstrates how each of these important goals can be
simultaneously achieved in a work injury environment.

Transparency is also seen in QCARE. QCARE specifies the ten key standards of a
responsible Texas injury benefit program. It also serves as a basic educational resource for
both employers and employees. ARAWC is extensively communicating this information
through many forms of traditional and social media. ARAWC has also provided a “QCARE
Trademark & Branding Guide”
to support and encourage employers in communicating their
Texas injury benefit program’s QCARE designation to all covered workers. Some employers
have further elected to have their name included on the QCARE website. And all QCARE
employers are certifying compliance with ERISA’s disclosure requirements (the same rules
that apply to other group health, disability and retirement programs). Those rules under
the Employee Retirement Income Security Act require far more transparency and
information for workers (pre- and post-injury) than provided by most state laws.

Extensive, additional information on Texas injury benefit programs and their 30-year history
is available on the internet, including copies of many employer and insurance company-
sponsored Texas injury benefit plans, court decisions and related materials.

Also see the “Resources” tab on the ARAWC website and this QCARE website.