10 Standards of QCARE

These 10 Designation Standards emphasize legal compliance, fairness in benefit delivery, insurance protections, and professional claims administration:

• More incentive for workplace safety and employee care
• Manageable and insurable for most employers

• By all designated legal entities
• Like forms DWC-5 and DWC-7

• Medical, wage replacement, death and dismemberment
i. Specific benefit levels in insurance policies and benefit plans
ii. Considers defense litigation strategy on negligence liability claims

• Specified timeframe
• Communicated to employees
• Triggered by knowledge
• Good cause exception
• Administered by fiduciary

• Accidents, occupational disease and cumulative trauma

• Of the employee, employer or a third party

• No co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, payroll deduction or other contribution for employees to participate

• Widely-utilized and accepted in other employer-sponsored benefit plans
• Reporting, communication, fiduciary obligation and claim payment consistency

• For benefits, employer liability and expenses

• Insurer, licensed TPA, or adjusters approved by insurer

Detailed standards can be found here.