QCARE Committee Rules

Here’s a summary of rules and procedures for the administration of the QCARE program:

  1. QCARE Committee. ARAWC has established a QCARE Committee for the purpose of certifying Texas injury benefit programs that satisfy the requirements of the QCARE designation. Such committee is comprised of individual representatives from any three (3) ARAWC members in good standing, appointed by the ARAWC Executive Committee.
  2. Authority. The QCARE Committee has authority to develop submission processes, review applications, communicate with applicants seeking the QCARE designation, and grant a QCARE designation that all requirements of QCARE are satisfied.
  3. Application. ARAWC has established this website for the purpose of facilitating the application, submission and communication of a QCARE designation. An Authorized Representative of an employer sponsoring a Texas injury benefit program may submit an application that:
    1. Provides basic contact information,
    2. Certifies to the employer’s knowledge and belief that all 10 requirements of QCARE are satisfied,
    3. Indicates whether to be included on the QCARE Employer Registry, and
    4. Agrees to the QCARE Standard Terms and Conditions, like compliance with the QCARE Trademark and Branding Guidelines, notification to ARAWC of any cessation in compliance with the QCARE designation requirements, compliance with any reasonable request of the QCARE Committee for additional information for the limited purpose of confirming compliance with the basic QCARE requirements.
  4. Authorized Representative. An employer sponsoring a Texas injury benefit program can authorize one of its employees or an insurance, legal or other service representative to apply for a QCARE designation on behalf of such employer.
  5. Review. The QCARE Committee reviews the information submitted for the employer’s program on the QCARE website and can approve or reject an application for or suspend or withdraw a QCARE designation at any time based upon credible information regarding the program sponsor’s satisfaction of the QCARE requirements or as otherwise deemed by the Committee to be appropriate in protecting the QCARE brand. The QCARE Committee has delegated certain administration functions to Virtual, Inc. (“Virtual”). Virtual provides independent QCARE administrative services and also provides management services for ARAWC and approximately 90 other trade associations nationwide. Virtual administers several other designation and designation programs through a team of over 200 employees. The Virtual service center processes over 100,000 applications each year, including, but not limited to, the evaluation and determination for licensure for various occupations and professions (i.e. nurses, engineers, pharmacists, regulatory professions, etc.).
  6. Verification. The QCARE Committee maintains discretion to decide which Texas injury programs are subject to further verification, as well as the form, frequency and extent of the verification; provided, that such verification shall be limited to confirming satisfaction of the QCARE standards and shall not include a claims audit or comprehensive program review.
  7. Guidance. Applicants are encouraged to review the QCARE and ARAWC websites and seek insurance, legal or other professional support on compliance with QCARE requirements, as needed.
  8. QCARE designation.
    1. Content of designation. The QCARE designation shall identify only the name of the injury benefit program, program sponsor, and effective and expiration dates of the designation.
    2. Duration of Certification. The designation shall remain in effect for a term of 1 year, subject to any suspension or withdrawal of the QCARE qualification, as mentioned above.
    3. Revocation. In the event of the expiration of a QCARE designation or a denial, suspension, termination or withdrawal of QCARE designated status prior to the end of the designation term, the covered employer name(s) shall be removed from the Employer Registry.
    4. Employer Decision to Terminate. An employer that has received a QCARE designation for its Texas injury benefit program may request the QCARE Committee to terminate such designation at any time.
  9. Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation. ARAWC will not construct or maintain any database or similar aggregation of information submitted by program sponsors other than the Employer Registry and contact information supplied by the employer in the application process. Neither ARAWC nor any member of the QCARE Committee shall use any information submitted through the QCARE program for the purpose of solicitation of business; provided, that ARAWC may request a program sponsor or its Authorized Representative to become a member of ARAWC; provided, further, that joining ARAWC shall not be a condition of granting a QCARE designation. No protected health information will be collected by the QCARE program at any time.