What are Workers’ Comp Thought Leaders saying about QCARE?

“I think your team is doing a great job of taking the mystery out of Texas injury benefit programs.”
Tom Glasson
“As a former board member of ARAWC and Risk Manager facilitating a Texas injury benefit plan, I am pleased to see standards established through QCARE. The Texas injury benefit plan has always been intended to provide the highest quality of care to employees through a more streamlined process. QCARE clarifies the attributes that distinguish responsible participants, and communicates that commitment to all.”
Valerie W. Franco
Leadership Solutions
“I have watched with interest the evolution of the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation, and I believe that ARAWC is on the right track.  The opportunity to reimagine in a positive light what workers’ compensation can be, and in fact should be, to provide a good workers’ recovery system with adequate compensation and a reasonable approach to issues is tremendous.  I think many of the ideas being explored could easily work in the traditional workers’ compensation systems, and those responsible for changes within those systems would benefit from taking a look at some of these fresh ideas.”
Jim Anderson
Anderson Crawley Burke, Attorneys & Counselors, Mississippi
“I like the revised approach and mission.”
Mike Bell
“QCARE does a very effective job communicating to nonsubscribers the risk of riding bare in a tort environment. It also invokes successfully principles of procedural fairness, which I think is helpful for social-ethical reasons. In a similar vein, I appreciate the emphasis on compliance with various notice requirements under Texas law and ERISA. This can go a long way to helping to produce an atmosphere of responsibility. I would conclude that it would be better to have something like QCARE than not. I appreciate QCARE’s recognition of the need to cover cumulative injuries and diseases. I can easily conclude that it represents a real improvement to the overall Texas environment.”
Prof. Michael Duff
University of Wyoming Law School
"You have highly respected professionals on your board whom add depth and breadth of knowledge from both a government and an industry perspective."
Tammy Boyd
“After watching all the videos and reading through the text on QCARE and ARAWC, it seems like a great program for injured workers and employers alike.”
Becky Curtis
Take Courage Coaching
“BrightSpring Health Services withdrew from the Texas workers’ compensation system over 16 years ago and implemented an injury benefit plan for our employees which provides comparable if not better benefits than the statutory system.  We are proud members of ARAWC and appreciate the organization developing the QCARE designation to help differentiate the responsible employers who take care of our workforce injured on the job versus those who do not.  BrightSpring Health Service encourages other companies to join ARAWC and become QCARE employers!”
Michael Bradford
Director of Risk Management, BrightSpring Health
“Since there is so much variation in plan design and given the breadth and long history of Texas injury benefit plans, this helps to establish some baseline criteria for what makes for a solid, fair and benefit rich program.   I think that employers and employees alike will benefit from an independent evaluation process that, if widely adopted, serves to elevate the entire community.”
Melissa Dunn
Chief Sales Officer for Paradigm Catastrophic
"I think right now QCARE is one of the most innovative things I've heard about in the industry, and this industry is ripe for more innovation, and everyone's trying to find a better way to build a mousetrap. There's a lot of discussion at this conference, and I've heard a lot already about some of the things that are being tried, some of the things that are out there, some of the things that are coming to market. And I think it's a very exciting time, and it's a really about time that we started focusing on: how do we really provide the best quality care to injured workers and get them back to work? Because that's what the system was designed to do.”
Brian Allen
Policy Expert for Workers’ Compensation
“The original intent of the workers compensation system was to provide prompt, fair and adequate benefits to legitimately injured workers. The system was designed to help the worker recover and quickly return to work. Unfortunately, many times State workers compensation systems experience unnecessary delays in compensability determination and benefit provision. Many States also have misplaced incentives which have become obstacles for providing safe work environments, prompt returning to work and minimizing disability rather than maximizing disability. Very few States allow employers to have access to an alternative workers compensation system. “QCARE brings back the original intent of workers compensation to the State of Texas. It focuses on accurate and timely communication between the participants in the system. It encourages accurate timely and consistent benefit provision to the injured workers and also removes many of the misplaced incentives. QCARE educates sponsors and service providers on their duties and responsibilities, as well as on the liabilities and exposures which they may incur.”
Bill Zachry
“I think QCARE will help the responsible Texas nonsubscribing employers have increased credibility with whoever reviews the programs, including DOL.”
Gary Donofrio
USI Insurance Services