QCARE Delivers Simple Injury Outcomes as a Responsible Alternative to Texas Workers’ Compensation

ARAWC Aims to Bring QCARE Protection to 400,000 Texas Workers in 2020

Texas employers want competitive choice in insurance coverage for workplace injuries.  Instead of workers’ compensation insurance, roughly a quarter of private-sector employers have already chosen to implement an injury benefit program.  Today, the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation (ARAWC, or “A-Rock”) announces the launch of its public campaign for these injury benefit programs to apply for and receive the “QCARE” designation and protect more Texas businesses and their employees. ARAWC has also initiated a Texas-sized commitment to bring QCARE protection to 400,000 employees by the end of 2020.

What is QCARE?  Three years ago, ARAWC began a disciplined process of promoting injury benefit (sometimes called, “nonsubscriber” or “Opt Out”) program improvements across the Lone Star State. These improvements include enhanced benefit coverage, new claim protections, and more fairness for injured workers. After years of collaborative industry dialogue and development, ARAWC recently presented 10 essential standards that should be part of every responsible Texas injury benefit program:

  1.   Awareness of Negligence Liability Exposure
  2.   Compliance with State Law Employee Notices and Filings
  3.   Defined Injury Benefits
  4.   Fair, Well-Communicated Injury Reporting Standards
  5.   Broadly Defined Covered Injuries
  6.   Benefits Paid Without Regard to Fault
  7.   Employer Pays 100% of Cost from Date of Hire
  8.   Compliance with ERISA federal employee benefit laws
  9.   Broad Insurance Coverage
  10. Approved Claims Administration

Every Texas employer that meets these 10 standards can now go online, voluntarily and at no cost, apply for their Texas injury benefit program to be known as a Qualified Compensation Alternative for Recovering Employees (“QCARE”).  So…

Three Choices - QCARE

Why is QCARE important to Texas employers?  There are several employer advantagesThis no-cost, voluntary QCARE designation shows you care for your employees and don’t simply “nonsubscribe” or “Opt Out”.  It promotes your good reputation and also provides a stronger defense of any negligence liability claim by an injured worker.  See what workers’ compensation thought leaders and respected risk managers from across the U.S. are saying about the QCARE Texas innovation.  

And ask your insurance agent to get a quote for a Texas injury benefit program with the QCARE designation.  If you already have a Texas injury benefit program, make sure you, your agent or another authorized representative applies for the QCARE designation today.  

Why is QCARE important to Texas employees?  Demonstrating social responsibility towards Texas’ diverse and talented workforce is important.  You deserve to be paid fairly for your work and be eligible for clearly-defined medical, wage replacement and other injury benefit coverage at no cost.  Your employer’s program should comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and be backed up by quality insurance and claims administration, without a lot of red tape. QCARE programs provide all of these advantages and more. The 10 essential standards for QCARE raise the bar and distinguish the “bad actors” from the more responsible companies – the “good guys” who look out for their employees.

Texas is home to the finest model of workers’ compensation and injury benefit protection in the United States.  This list of respected Texas employers have already received the QCARE designation for programs that apply to more than 300,000 Texas employees.  ARAWC invites all Texas business groups, worker advocates and insurance professionals to work together toward a goal of having at least 400,000 Texas employees covered by QCARE programs by the end of this year. 

QCARE will allow the Texas model of work injury protection to work even better now and into the future.  To learn more, visit

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