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13. Is QCARE perfect?

No.  But we are moving from almost no well-understood and recognized standards for Texas injury benefit programs to these 10 essential standards.  They are simple, to the point and effective.

All 50 state-run workers’ compensation systems are different and all have challenges.  None are perfect.  Benefits coverage, costs and results all vary.  What matters most is results for the two key stakeholders, injured workers and employers.  Medical outcomes, benefits paid, employee satisfaction and costs for Texas injury benefit programs are reflected in these “Articles & Reports”.  Information is also available from many of America’s most respected employers, insurance companies, actuaries and third party claim administrators.  Rather than speculate on what “could, might or would” happen under Texas injury benefit plans, there is a long, successful track record.

The Texas injury benefit plan industry is constantly innovating and improving, and QCARE is a big step forward.

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