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8. What are QCARE goals?

  1. Protect the 5% of Texas employees that have no injury benefits coverage.  95% of all Texas employees are eligible for benefits under either traditional workers’ compensation or an injury benefit program.  But some employers are still not taking care of their employees.  On-the-job injuries are a natural cost of labor, so medical coverage, wage replacement, and other injury benefits should be provided by employers, at no cost, to all employees.

  2. Good Guys vs. Bad Actors.  QCARE raises the bar and distinguishes the “bad actors” from the more responsible companies – the “good guys” who provide quality injury benefits for their employees.  All Texas employers should meet the QCARE standards or provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

  3. Simple Injury Outcomes.  We all understand that healthcare is too complex and expensive, particularly when someone gets hurt at work.  Texas injury benefit programs have a 30-year track of simply working well for injured Texas employees, their families and employers.  See these Articles & Reports.  QCARE reflects the simplicity that both employers and injured workers deserve, while raising the bar and clarifying what Texas employers should do if they don’t buy workers’ compensation insurance.

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